4 Best Hip-Opening Yoga Poses for Runners

You see it all the time after races and long runs: the runners’ hobble. You’ve felt it too. You struggle to walk normally because the muscles in your hips and glutes are tight from too much running and not enough stretching. You wish you didn’t have to feel tight and sore all the time, but you don’t have time to stretch.

I’ve created a free download to help! When you sign up to get my “4 Best Hip Opening Yoga Poses for Runners,” you’ll get 4 amazing yoga poses to help you stretch all of your major hip muscles, front and back, and side to side. With just four stretches, your hips will start to feel better and you’ll start to get past the runners’ hobble.

And if you're not bendy, don't worry! These poses are adaptable to your body, whether you've been practicing yoga for years or you're a total newbie.​

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